Jan. 2, 2019

Knife Dance

Ca 30 cm x 21 cm 2017 Papier met inkt.

Pre-order the book / album

Oct. 2, 2019

Eggs & Marrowbone is available for pre-order in a limited print. There are 2 versions:...

Tour Dates

Oct. 2, 2019

The Bullfight will promote the book and album in the fall of 2019. Catch them in one of the next venues:...


The Murder Ballad is a multi media project in which artists contribute work which is related to or inspired by "Murder Ballads". Painter, poets, photographers, writers, cartoonists and many more are invited to contribute their art. The contributions can be entirely new work, created solely for this project, or existing art works which correspond with the topic of Murder Ballads.

The end result will be an art book about Murder Ballads which will be printed late 2018, early 2019. Rotterdam-based noir band The Bullfight will be making a soundtrack with murder ballads to go with the art. Contributions will be gathered at a new website (launching in february 2018) and on social media. All artists will be promoted through these mediums. Hopefully an art exhibition will go with the project, in which contributions will be part of an art show around the subject.

The purpose of the book is to produce a beautiful art book and to promote all participating artists. Contributions will be without payment and purely be based on creating a combined art work. Paying artists to contribute won't be realistic due to the sheer size of the project (the aim is to get over 100 artists to contribute).